Social Responsibility

For every review we receive about our plays - good or bad - we match with $1.00 per review and pay towards the education of under privileged. In addition we would give away 1% of the profit earned to support arts done for a cause in NYC.

(if you are an organization or know of an organization who would like to be associated with us, please reach us at



Latest News:

  • M.A.D Playhouse is happy to be one of the sponsors for the upcoming Isha Vidhya Walkathon on June 1st' 2013
Our sponsorship helps educate 5 underprivileged children with full educational support [tuition, books, notebooks, health supplement,uniform, transport & noon meal] for an entire year. 

(Isha Vidhya, a non-profit education initiative, works for the economic and social empowerment of rural children in the villages across India).

The Walkathon is free and open to the public with lots of activities for children and families.
  • M.A.D Participates in NYC City Park’s green initiatives for tree planting activities
  • M.A.D pledges to donate 5% of net profit to NYC Free Medical Clinic.
  • M.A.D would donate 20% of ticket proceeds to Kereita community in Kenya when ticket buyers use KNYA while buying tickets.